Scarlet Witch part 3 (Wandavision)


Welcome to part 3! In part 2, I finished the base. And now we add details. First, install a zipper. I chose a chunky black one that separates which made the rest of the details easier. If you don’t use a separating zipper, install it later.

Those black and red stripes down the front gave me sooooo much trouble! I tried them multiple times before I found something I was sort of happy with. I bought some wash away wonder tape in 1/4″, and used it to help hold the slippery pleather.

I cut a strip of red pleather approximately 1″ wide. I didn’t measure it. I put a strip of the wonder tape down the center of the strip. I then trimmed the red down to have 1/4″ on each side of the wonder tape. I removed the paper from the sticky side, and stuck down one side of the pleather. I put another strip of wonder tape on that, and repeated. I cut out a strip of black (approx 1.75″) and put down another wonder tape strip. I then put down the red pleather and sewed it into place.

Sorry there aren’t more pictures. I know I took more, but I can’t find them in my gallery.

Repeat, putting the red stripe 1/4″ away from the first. And make a second one for the other side. Everything is 1/4″, the red and black.

Carefully sew into your base. I’m hindsight, it definitely would have been easier to sew this black piece into the base as opposed to on top of it. It definitely left some wonkiness on the top that I’m not happy with.

Next I painted my fabric. Again, this would have been much simpler if I had done it before sewing, but I was hoping the red would be okay once I had it sewn together, and it just wasn’t. It was too bright. So I mixed together some red and black fabric paint to get the color I wanted.

To create the mantle/neck piece, I once again wrapped myself in duct tape. It’s easier if you have help.

I then put my base (pre paint in this image) top into my mannequin to draw my pattern.

Cut this out and transfer to foam.

I wanted to do this with 4 mm foam, but it was sold out, so I ended up doing two layers of 2 mm. I don’t really recommend that, but it’s what I had to do. So I cut out the first layer of the piece as a whole. Then the second later as the details.

Glue together and seal. I used a heat gun and plastidip to seal. Next, paint! I used a metallic black and a metallic red to get the desired colors.

Next is the lining. I set the base top down on the lining fabric and loosely traced around it. Then I lined up where the side seam would go and sewed that together.

With right sides together, I pinned along the arm scyes. Sew.

Next, turn right side out and pin down, sewing a top stitch to keep it flat.

Put on your mannequin to help you figure out how the bottom will hang. I pinned this in place, trimmed, then went back and turned the seams under and sewed.

Sew the rest of the lining in. And connect the bottom of the back pieces. If you didn’t use a separating zipper, now is when you need to install your zipper.

To attach the mantle/neck piece, I used e6000, in a well ventilated room and with a respirator, and glued the front down. Once secure, I did the back, using pins to help it stay. Of course, this peeled up some paint, so maybe not the best idea? But it worked.

And that’s it for the top! Next up… Not sure. I’ve started the pants and the skirt, so I guess whichever one motivates me more.

I hope this helps! Don’t forget to follow this blog, and my instagram! If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me a message on IG. Happy cosplaying!

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