Anna Stasia began her cosplay adventure in 2013. In that time she has made nearly 100 cosplays. She focuses on sewing intensive cosplays and utilizes her 15+ years of experience as a self-taught seamstress. Every year, she tackles one intricate sewing project, aiming to improve her skills. She is constantly seeking new techniques and trying new things to improve her creations.

Recently, Anna Stasia began adding more armor and prop building to her repertoire. Since starting her cosplay journey, she has crafted various items with worbla, sculpting clay, resin casting, LED lights, and  EVA foam. Currently, she’s learning the intricacies of adding a motorized component to a future cosplay. Anna Stasia loves to challenge herself and learn new talents so she tackles at least one project per year to hone her armor and prop making skills.

Because she is entirley self-taught, Anna Stasia tries to give back to the community by creating tutorials for her cosplays. Hoping others will learn from her mistakes and her builds, she documents as many of her cosplays as possible. These tutorials are posted on her website, as well as shared on her social media accounts and in groups on Facebook. She has a beginners sewing panel and is also putting together a series of panels on different sewing topics.

Additionally, Anna Stasia is a body, age, and race positive cosplayer. She firmly believes anyone can cosplay their favorite character. Being a curvy cosplayer, she aims to use her own self-confidence in cosplay to inspire others.

When not cosplaying, Anna Stasia enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She’s an avid reader, and even dabbles in gaming occasionally. She is also teaching herself photography, as well as photo editing.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there! I work for one of the Brevard County Library branches (Franklin DeGroodt Library in Palm Bay). I am the one who organizes the kids section at Library Con. I have a pretty awesome teen group that meets every week for activities like life skills, cooking, crafting, etc. I was wondering if you might be available to come teach a mini workshop on how to Cosplay? It would be sometime in the Spring. Please let me know if you are available and interested. I know our teens would be super excited for this to happen!

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