Winter Veth Coat Tutorial

Artist: Twitter.com/ornerine

Wanna make Veth’s amazingly cute winter coat design???? Well you’re in luck! I got you covered! Let’s start with patterns. I opted to use a pattern instead of creating my own for this, but I did have to modify it.

So I decided on these two patterns. I used the Butterick one for the capelet, and the simplicity one for the coat. I made a mockup, adding width to the right panel so it could extend across the body.

Once I was happy with the fit, I used the adjustments to cut it out of the main fabric and sewed that together

I then repeated this process with a stuffing filling for quilts, and a lining, and sewed all of that together.

Next, I began adding the fur trim.

Next I made the capelet. I did the same process as I did with the coat, first making a mockup, then cutting the regular fabric. I sewed it to the coat, and added trim.

Next up is the design. I elected to use iron on vinyl. I looked online for free png photos of flowers and vines. I then chose the ones I liked best, and pasted them into my silhouette design studio. I traced them, then deleted the images, leaving the trace behind. I then mirrored the image and saved this as my base.

As a heads up, since I don’t use my silhouette very often and am not proficient in it, I probably could have purchased an embroidery machine and done it that way for about the same amount of money I spent on vinyl… Live and learn 😂

I then printed this and tested the size. Once happy, I saved it again.

Then I copied the trace and pasted into a new design. I isolated one color and deleted the traces I didn’t need. I repeated this for every color (white, pink, purple, bright purple, green). I duplicated the image so I could fit more on each page, shortening cut time and reducing waste.

Then I cut each one out and ironed it on. I chose vinyl that was readily available to me, which happened to be cricut. I bought the sunkissed sampler which had pink, white, and purple. Sports flex in amethyst. And Kelly. Make sure whatever you get is iron on. And if the instructions don’t say to mirror the image, then don’t.

Next, I went back to the original and copied it to a new design. I reduced the size for the capelet. I then repeated the steps above to isolate each color. Cut and iron on.

For the buttons, I found wooden buttons at joann’s in the sizes I’d need. I painted them gold.

I then made the bow. If you need help making a bow, check out my Belle tutorial.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment here or on IG/FB. And don’t forget to follow this blog, IG, or FB for updates! Happy cosplaying!

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