Caleb’s Book Harness part 1

I made the mistake of doing a closet cosplay of Caleb Widogast, and now I must be him so…. Here we are.

I decided I wanted to make his harness out of leather for a few reasons:

  • It’s economical
  • I’ve always wanted to work with leather
  • It smells so good

So I jumped on the Tandy Leather page YouTube and watched a ridiculous number of videos, then purchased all the stuff I would need. Note: this tutorial will probably still help even if you choose not to use leather.

Full disclosure: this is my first time working with leather ever, so I’m sure I did things wrong.

I started off making a pattern for the back piece. Good ol’ plastic wrap and duct tape time. Be sure to set your body form to your correct measurements. Draw out a pattern you like. I chose to go with something slightly butterfly like, to show Caleb’s softer side.

Transfer to paper (to smooth out and fix all your mistakes), then transfer to your leather.

Leather is tough to cut, be safe!

Decide on a design for your back piece. I went simple since Caleb was broke all the time and probably couldn’t afford something fancy. I googled transmutation circle and this basic symbol kept popping up, so that’s what I used.

After sketching it, use transfer paper and a stylus to transfer it to damp leather. I recommend checking out this video for help with the following steps.

Now it’s time to cut the pattern. Again, I recommend the video above for tips/help.

Time to dye!!!! I used the leather dye found at Michael’s that best matched my straps. It took multiple layers to get the desired color.

I wanted the design to pop more, so I went out and dry brushed it with black acrylic paint.

Much better! Now to attach straps. I used my body form to get an idea of the length of the straps, but made them way too big, but it’s fine. After attacking them you can adjust the size. I attached using rivets found in the leather section at Michael’s.

I then added the buckles to the bottom strap. You’ll need to cut a slit into the leather for the buckle, then attach with a rivet.

I also added a strip on leather to hold the excess strap, just like belts have. It’s simply glued with e6000 (proper PPE please!).

Then I used a hold punch made for leather to create the holes in the upper strap.

I’m not sure how I’ll be attaching the books yet. I still need to make those. Then I’ll decide. But here’s how to make the basic harness. This can be adjusted in numerous ways depending on the design you’d like to go with, so have fun with it! If you use my tutorial, please let me know!

And if you have any questions, comments, concerns, you can leave them here or message me on IG.

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