Keyleth staff tutorial

Welcome back to another tutorial! This one is for a staff, specifically my version of Keyleth’s staff from critical role. Please feel free to use this as a guide and make it your own.

To start, determine how tall you want your staff to be. Keep in mind that the top part is curved and won’t be part of the base height. Then, get two pieces of pvc pipe that equal the height. I decided to make the bottom longer since I’d be adding there curve at the top. You’ll also need a connector for the two pipe pieces, and primer and glue to connect the connector to the bottom pvc.

Glue the connector to the bottom pipe piece. Follow the instructions on the bottles. You’ll need to prime first, then glue.

Cover pipes in foam. I used 5 mm so I would have plenty of room to cut the wood grain. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the foam and make it easier to glue. I recommend contact cement as your glue.

Now, use foam clay to create a wood knot over the connector to help blend it. I did this with the pipes put together, but plastic wrap between the upper pipe and connector so the foam clay doesn’t stick to both piece. You can also use the foam clay to fill in any gaps.

Next, we need to create the curve. Create a base out of foil, then cover in foam clay.

Sand to blend everything.

Add wood grain texture. I used my dremel for this.

Next is a glue wash to help seal the goal so it doesn’t soak up your paint. You can also use plastidip, or whatever method you like best for sealing foam.

Next, add vines using foam clay (I accidently started painting first, then added the vines. You can just add the vines, then paint).

Paint. I like to do a base coat, then come back and dry brush a darker color.

Using foam clay and a silicone leaf mold, create you leaves. Paint. Then add to staff. This is exactly how I made her bracers and corset belt, so please refer to those tutorials if you need more detailed instructions or photos. I did discover that it was much easier to paint the leaves before gluing them on.

Then glue on flowers.

And you’re finished! I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you make something using one of my tutorials, please share it with me! And don’t forget to follow me on the social media of your choice to stay up to date on tutorials and cosplays.

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