Scarlet Witch part 1 (wandavision)

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/8sLwmAt1DsRBkmX37

I’ve decided to cosplay the wandavision finale Scarlet Witch. And I usually do journaling for my cosplays, and thought this journaling process would make a great first blog post! I hope you agree. So without further adieu, here’s a plus size guide to making Scarlet Witch:

I always break down large projects like this into pieces, ie top, pants, gloves, head piece. Then I break down those pieces further. Let’s start with her top.

First, I sketch the entire thing. This helps me figure out seam lines, structure, etc.

After sketching, I made the decision to make her neck piece out of foam, but the rest of the shirt as fabric. I’ll likely attach the collar directly to the shirt, but having it velcro on is also an option. I also considered fabrics I would use.

Parallel Life Studios created the screen accurate fabric, but it’s very expensive, so I decided not to use it. I do want a pleather fabric, though. And for the hexagonal design, I’ll layer mesh fabric over the top. I chose to use the yaya han cosplay fabric red stretch pleather, and a large mesh fabric I found at JoAnn in the tulle section. The red fabric is very bright, so I might tone it down with some paint after I sew it together.

I then resketched what I wanted the main shirt to look like.

I then did a quick sketch of the neck piece.

Now I have a clear idea for my pattern. So I put on my shapewear, and wrapped myself in plastic wrap and tape.

I did the base set of lines. This includes center front, side seam, bottom seam, neckline.

Next, I cut down the center seam, and taped it to my dress form. Then I drew out the pattern.

Then, I labeled the pieces and added registration marks. Then I cut it out. I made a few adjustments to the back before cutting out, but forgot to take a photo.

You may notice some details that are missing. Some are so small, I’ve decided to sew them on top of the shirt as opposed to being part of the shirt design.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to attach the skirt to the top, or to the belt/hip piece. I’ll study more reference photos, but it’ll still start with this basic top, so I’m good to go.

The next step is to transfer the patterns to paper, and create a toile. That will be part 2 of this journaling process.

Be sure to comment if you have any questions. And don’t forget to follow me, either here or on IG, or FB, so you can be alerted when I make a new post! See you soon!

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