Winter Veth Headdress

First tutorial of the year! How exciting! I’m kicking off the year with a tutorial for how I made my Winter Veth headdress.

First, measure your head. Cut a piece of stiff wire and foam to that size.

Hot glue wire in-between the foam, creating the band.

Mark where the top of your ears are for a guide when you place your antlers. Create a wire frame of your antlers.

Cover in foam clay. Add to headband.

Create forehead antlers. Wrap your head in plastic wrap and tape. Use mirror to draw pattern.

Cut out. Use as a guide to cut a piece of wire and shape foam clay around.

Add to headband.

Paint (I forgot to image this, sorry). Cut a circular/oval piece of pillow foam to create muffs.

Cover with fur. Attach to headdress.

Braid leather cords and attach to headband and forehead antlers with hot glue.

And you’re finished! If this tutorial was helpful, please leave me a comment. And please share photos of your Headdress with me!

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