Using Patterns to Make Your Cosplay

I love creating new outfits using only seamstressing skills and a dress form.  However, it’s very time consuming.  A huge part of cosplaying is being able to look at a pattern (McCalls, Simplicity, etc) and knowing how you can alter it, or knowing that it will work for whatever you need it to.  It’s not easy.  For example, take my first attempt at Steampunk Daphne:

I used Simplicity Pattern 2832

Looking at the pattern, my final product doesn’t seem to match.  But if you look closely, you can tell it was made using this pattern.  I knew I wanted a puffy sleeve.  I also knew I was going to want a half skirt as I was going to pair it with shorts.

I’m also currently working on a new cosplay that this idea applies to, but I don’t want to give it away.  Therefore, once I’m finished and debut the cosplay, I shall add another post.

Until next time!

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