Styling a Wig (Beginners)

If you’re like me, styling a wig for the first time is a terrifying idea.  However, I had no choice.  I got this fabulous wig for my Mikasa cosplay, but it was too bouncy and flippy.  That needed to be tamed.  What follows is a short, very easy, wig style tutorial based on this experience.

I was terrified to style my Mikasa wig.  Having never styled a wig before, I was afraid I’d melt the hair, or ruin it in some way.  So the first thing I did was put the wig on a head stand and used my straight iron on a very small section.  No fumes, no smoke, no melting!  Good to go!  So, here is my wig before:

Looks fantastic, but too bouncy for Mikasa.  Ignore the scrubs, I was on call.  🙂

I decided to style the wig while wearing it, thinking this would be easiest.  And it worked for me.  First, I put the wig on and pinned it (a little, not as much as when I wear it).  Then, I pulled up the hair in sections on one side, much like I do when I straighten my own hair.

Straighten the bottom section.

Let down the next section and straighten it as well.

Repeat on next section, and on the other side.  Then do the back.  When finished, it looked like this:

Much more Mikasa than before!

Sorry for the short tutorial, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or request, leave them below!