Review: Joann Cosplay Fabrics

While I was on vacation, I had the opportunity to drop into Joann Fabrics and check out their new “cosplay” fabric line by Yaya Han. When this project was first announced, I was really excited about it. Buying fabric online is super scary, so I tend to stick to local fabric shops, and Joann. The potential to have fabrics that you just can’t find in local stores (pleather!!!!) was endless.

However, I ended up being very underwhelmed. Most of the fabrics available are fabrics Joann already carried. Metallic stretch spandex-like fabric that can be found in the dancewear section, brocaid’s that area already available in special occasions fabric.  There is a fairly nice stretch black pleather that would work amazingly for a body suit. But the price tag was ridiculous for the quality of the fabric; $20-40 per yard! There was one noteable exception:

This fabric also comes in distressed black. It felt pretty good and it’s wicked awesome looking. This is what I expected the entire line to look like. Crazy weird fabrics like this! Perhaps more are to come later. I sure hope so. And hopefully coupons work on her fabrics, because they are very over priced.

All in all, I’d give the fabric line a 2/5, and only because of the amazing textured pleather fabric.

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!