Props: Ears and Horn for Twilight Sparkle

I decided I wanted to do a Twilight Sparkle cosplay.  I’ve recently gotten into My Little Pony, and I absolutely love her.  She’s basically me!  Plus, it’s a relatively easy cosplay.  Easy to put together, and easy to wear.  The only hard part, was making the pony ears and unicorn horn.  I decided to sculpt mine using polymer clay.

Let’s start with the ears.  Start off  with two pieces of clay, roughly the same size. Shape one into a rough triangle shape.  The next step is artistic.  Shape and mold until you have the ear shape you like. Now, polymer clay is super hard at first.  Once it warms up in your hands, it will be very easy to manipulate.

Repeat with the other ball of clay, trying to make it the same size and basic shape.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Set aside.  Now, let’s work on the horn.  Get two balls of clay roughly the same size. The size depends on how big you want your horn.  Don’t make it too big or it won’t be able to stand up.

Roll out like a worm, making it thicker at one end and thinner at the other.  Repeat with other ball.

Next, twist them around each other.

Now, it’s time to bake.  Follow the directions for your specific brand of polymer clay.  Mine was to bake at 275 F for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch.  My ears and horn were about 1/2 inch, so I baked it for 30 minutes.

Let it cool.  Once cool, paint however you want.  Obviously, mine is for Twilight Sparkle, so I painted mine with a metallic purple so it sparkles a little.

Paint both sides.  This may require multiple coats.  After it is dry, you need to attach the horn and ears to the clips that will hold them to your wig.  I used hot glue and it seems to be working fine.  You can also use hot glue, let that dry, pull it apart, and super glue it back on.  I tried super glue from the get go and it wouldn’t work, but I had to use super glue and hot glue for the horn and it worked perfectly.  Also, keep in mind that the glue will not hold if it bends when you are attaching your clips.  I had to attach my horn to the middle of the clip because it kept snapping off when I attached it to the end.

And viola!  We’re done!  For me, in order to get the horn to stay, I have to attach it to the wig, then use clips in front and in back of the main clip to keep it from tipping over.

My finished cosplay!

Until next time, keep cosplaying!