Modifying the DIY DD Crossbow with Worbla

If you made the crossbow using my tutorial and have lugged it around a few cons, you’ve probably noticed a slight (errr not so slight) bend in the stock.  My boyfriend sure did.  So, I’m fixing it using worbla to strengthen the stock.  If you haven’t made the crossbow yet, use my original tutorial and just add the worbla using this tutorial.

If you made your crossbow already, deconstruct it.  Pull it all apart.  Once you are down to just the stock, pull that all apart so you have 3 EVA sheets of stock template.  Only use two (the worbla will add some bulk).  Reglue together.

I used the outer two templates, therefore, no trigger.  We’ve decided to fore go the trigger.  Saves a little hassle at weapons check, and it’s very unlikely anyone will really notice.  Once glued together, trace out on your worbla twice, being sure to flip your template so the (soon to be) sticky side of the worbla will be against the foam.  Then, retrace about 1/2″ away.  Cut out.

When I work with worbla, I use my kitchen stove.  I figure it’s meant to have hot things on it.  I also use a large cookie sheet covered in foil to help absorb some of the heat from the heat gun.  Get yourself all set up to cover your stock with the worbla you just cut out. Also, worbla comes rolled and has a tendency to want to reroll until it’s warmed.  To counter this, I use an oven mitt.  You could also put the whole sheet into the oven on a low temp and cover it all at once.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to wrap the entire stock before it starts to cool, so I used a heat gun.

Working in small sections, heat your worbla and mold around the stock.  When you come to the holes, you will need to heat those, then cut them out.  I eyeballed it.  Make sure everything gets covered.  Use scrap pieces in you missed any spots.

Once you have one side done, lie flat and cover with some weight until it cools.  This helps to prevent and bend in your stock.

Repeat on other side.  Using the foam arms, cut a template out of worbla, then a slightly smaller version out of craft foam (thin stuff).  Cover the foam in your worbla.  Then, you need to have it cool on a curved surface to get the bend.  I used a balance exercise ball.

Once cooled, you will need to sand and paint.  We ordered the decal from online like Daryl’s crossbow has.  After painted a base of black, either paint your decorations (like in the original tutorial) or add your decal.  Then, get everything put together.  Word of advice (learned the hard way), it would probably work better if you attach the arms to the stock, worbla to worbla (by heating and/or gluing) before you paint.  I didn’t, so I had to use gesso to roughen the texture a bit so the glue would stick.  This should put you here:

Now, add the string like before.  This is where we decided to stop (ran out of time till walker stalker).  I still plan on adding a scope mount and a strap to carry it.  I will either do that in another tutorial, or I will update this one.

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!