Making Your Own Corset, Part One

This is a step by step walk through for making your own corset, without a pattern.  Part one will be drafting a pattern based on your measurements.  Part two will be construction.  I made an underbust corset, however, this tutorial can be used to make a full corset.

The easiest way to draft your own pattern is to make a body double out of duct tape.  First, wrap the area in plastic wrap.  Then, cover in duct tape.  Make sure not to pull the tape too tight or it will be lumpy.  Also, have a friend help if you can!  And, use cheap-o plastic wrap from the dollar store.  Save some money.

 Once wrapped, cut along the front middle, making it as straight as possible.  Then, put on your mannequin and tape up the cut.

Next, use a sharpie and draw your seam lines.  If you want a nicely fitted corset, I recommend making 6 separate pieces per side.  The more you have, then nicer the fit.  Six is a good number.  I wouldn’t do more than 8 or less than 4.  It just depends on the degree of corsetting you are after.  You only have to draw out on half of your taped figure because the two sides will be identical.

Once you are satisfied, cut out your pieces.

Use these to trace out your pattern.  I used parchment paper, but you could use butcher paper, brown craft paper, tracing paper, or newspaper.  Basically any semi flexible paper will work.  You do not need a seam allowance (learned that the hard way!) because your corset is supposed to be smaller than you so that it laces up tight.  Also, make sure you label them (1-6) and use an arrow to mark your top.

Cut out, and you have a pattern!  Next week I’ll will walk you through constructing your corset!  Stay tuned!  If you have any questions, or if something isn’t clear, let me know!

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or request, leave them below!