Making a Predator Backpack/Medpack Part Two

I ended part one with your shell assembled.  This next part is all about the details.  First, I highly recommend you sketch your idea out.  I did mine to scale (using the template from part one), and used the sketch to cut out the foam pieces for dimension.  This sketch is the side panel.

Remember, your medpack has two sides, therefore when cutting, you need two of everything.  Also, sketch out templates for your top.  I held paper to it, then sketched around it to get the basic shape.  Then, I rounded it.  I then drew the pattern on it.

 Using your sketch, decide what you want to have dimension, and how much.  I had regular craft foam and EVA foam (gym flooring) which gave me two different depths.  I first cut out the sketch, then used those to template onto the foam.  Do this in stages (See pics below).

Once the main shape has been cut out, cut out the next shape from the template.  Trace and cut out of foam.

I cut out all the thin craft foam first.  There are bits on the side I wanted to have more dimension, and I cut those out of EVA foam.  We’ll get to that soon.  Next, I hot glued the top pieces together.

I have decided to cover these top pieces in worbla.  That will be covered in part three.  Set aside for now.  Now, cut out anything you want to have more depth out of the EVA foam.

This is what you should have so far.  Next time, more details!  And possibly assembly!

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!