Lady Thor Tutorial Part 2

Hello lovelies! Time to finish up my Thor tutorial! Last time, I walked you through how I made my armor. This time, everything else!

Let’s start at the top and work our way down.  My wig was one I had already.  It’s from Arda wigs, however they recently revamped all of their wigs and no longer offer the one I got.  But, basically, you just need a blond wig.

Makeup!  Thankfully, it’s Halloween season!  Which made getting black lipstick (finally!) super easy!  If you don’t have black lipstick, you can use body paint, or eyeliner.  Lipstick is just easier.

Shirt.  For her shirt, I actually made my own pattern by wrapping myself in plastic wrap, covering that in duct tape, and drawing my design.  Then, I cut it out, transferred to wax paper with a 1/2″ seam allowance, and sewed together.  I used a black fabric that had a sort of faux leather look, but was see-through, and lined it with regular black lining fabric.

Pants.  I used Simplicity Amazing Fit 1696, utilizing the average fit pattern.  No alterations to this pattern.  I used a black pleather fabric, which was a pain to sew, and some scrap nonstretchy fabric I had lying around for the pockets, fly, and waistband.  Pleather tip: have plenty of plastic bags handy and sandwich the pleather in plastic to make it glide through your machine better.

Skirts!  I whipped up a basic waistband (make it yourself, or utilize one from a pattern) and then pinned the fabric, using pleats, until I got the look I liked.  For the dark brown bit in front, I made a paper pattern, tested the sizing, then sewed.  Get some trim you like, and make the design.

Cape.  I actually utilized a cape tutorial I found, and just made the shoulder attachments a touch narrower.  Also, I added velcro and left out the elastic arm holes.  Tutorial here!

Belts.  I splurged on my belt and used real leather.  I made a paper template, tested it, then cut it out of my leather.  I used googly eyes painted black then silver for the details.  Grommets along the back edges, and leather string to lace up.  Also used the leftover leather to make the loops.

Leg wraps.  I hate leg wraps.  I wrapped my leg in plastic wrap, covered in duct tape, drew my design, then cut it out.  I used that as a pattern for my wraps, adding in 1/2″ seam allowance.  Cut from fabric.  Then, using the light tan fabric, I cut strips and laid them over the wraps in random patterns.  When I liked it, I pinned in place, and sewed.  Then, add a zipper.  Mine were a little big, so I also ended up adding some elastic to the top to keep them snug.

The zipper I had on hand was too long, but these go into the boots, so I just fold it up inside the wrap.  Didn’t have any problems with it.

And finally, the hammer!  First, get some super thick foam board.  Create a template for your hammer.  Cut out multiple’s of your template from the foam until you reach the desired thickness.

Glue together (I used contact cement).  Use paperclay to cover the sides and hide any unevenness.

Sand.  It does not need to be super smooth, but it shouldn’t be lumpy.  Measure and mark where your handle will go.  Cut out.  I used a circle cutting drill bit.

Paint.  I used valspar stone spray paint in manhattan mist.  This stuff is incredible!

Glue in your handle.  I used contact glue.  Then, cover handle in leftover leather.  Make sure to create a hand loop.

That’s it!  If you followed both tutorials, you should have something that looks like this:

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!