Harley Hammer (Superhero Girls) DIY

So you want to cosplay Harley Quinn, eh?  And you need to make a giant hammer?  You’ve come to the right place! In this tutorial, I will walk you step-by-step on how I made the hammer for my DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn cosplay.  First, let’s get some supplies.

You will need:

*Dowel rod (thickness and length depend on how you want your hammer to look)

*Hat boxes (Found mine at Hobby Lobby.  Once again, size depends on the look you want)

*Exacto knife, or box knife

*Glue (hot glue, contact cement)


*Kwik Seal

*Sandpaper (various grit)


*Painters tape

*EVA foam (1/2″-1″ thickness)

First, use your dowel rod to measure out your cuts in your hat box.  You want the rod to go in about half way, at least.  You can insert it further if you like, but don’t go any less or the hammer head could pop off.

Once you have the section cut, test fit your rod.  Make any adjustments as necessary.  Now, use your dowel rod to trace a circumference on your foam.  Cut out the circle, then cut the foam into a usable square.  Cut in half down the middle. This will help stabilize the rod.

Use contact glue and attach your hat boxes together at bottom.  Do not glue the tops on yet.  Once glue is set, take off the tops.  Insert your dowel rod completely into space you cut, and glue in place using hot glue.  Be generous.  Also glue your foam pieces in place at base (inside hat boxes).  Allow glue to cool completely.  Glue lids on to hat boxes.

Using a combination of spackle and kwik seal, smooth your seam.  I used spackle first, then used kwik seal.  Sand smooth.  This is a long process.  The more time you take with it, the better your hammer will look.  You can also use gesso or a sandable primer once mostly smooth to get it smoother.  Once satisfied, paint, using painters tape to mark out your design.

 And done!!!

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!