Fem Predator Chest Armor Tutorial Part Two

Continuing on!  When we finished last time, this is where we were:

Now, it’s time to cover this beast in worbla.  You can do it bit by bit like I did, using a heat gun, or heat up a sheet of worbla in the oven and fold it over.  I’m fairly new in the worbla game, so I chose bit by bit, so I could control it more.  Basically, I started in the middle and simply melted the worbla down onto the armor.  Make sure you wrap the worbla around the sides so your back piece has something to connect to.



 Hopefully you are better at worbla than I am and you don’t have so many wrinkles.  Now, sand the beast.  I used a dremel to get rid of the big wrinkles.  I decided I didn’t want my armor smooth, because the facehugger wouldn’t be smooth, so aside from the big oppsies, I didn’t sand much.  After sanding, cover in gesso.

If you want yours smooth, sand between each gesso layer to give a smooth finish.  Somehow, some of my pictures have disappeared.  I either put them in a wrong folder, or accidentally deleted them.  So some of the next steps are lacking pics.  I apologize for that.  Paint your armor however you desire.  I did the main bits in a dark purple, and the facehugger in a gunmetal silver.  And, prior to all of that, I painted it black to make things pop.  You’ll also want to dry brush in black and silver to distress it.  Age it a bit, you don’t want to look like an unblooded.

Next, make a back piece.  No pics for this, sorry.  😦  Basically, drape some fabric across the back, sketch it out, then use as a template.  Cut out of craft foam.  I was running low on worbla, so I decided to just do multiple coats of modge podge on the foam to harden it.  Also, line the inside with fabric (I used the template and just elmers glued it down).  Paint to match front.  Hot glue the shoulders of the front and back together.  Use additional pieces of fabric/foam as needed for stability.  Mine glued together very easily with no additional pieces needed.  I also glued the back side to front side on the right.  On the left, I added velcro.  This way, to put it on you simply slide it over your head, clasp the bra, and secure open side with velcro.  It’s working beautifully so far.

Now, for the tail!  I drew up a quick sketch of the tail, to scale.  To find the scale, I put my armor on, then used a fabric measuring tape and wrapped it around me how I wanted the tail to be.  I then used a reference pic of a facehugger to determine how big each section should be.  It’s really a personal preference.  All of my pieces are the same height, except the last two.  And the width simply got smaller as I went from base to tip.

Use the sketch to cut out your pieces from EVA foam. Make sure to label them (I used numbers).

Use a dremel to shape the pieces.  Next, attach to a ribbon.  I hot glued them to the ribbon, then used scrap craft foam to secure it.

Paint.  Once again, I base painted black, then did the silver.  Make sure to paint both sides (underside can stay black).

In order to hot glue it to your armor, you have to prep the area.  Gesso works really well, or you could sand it.

Glue in place.  Make sure to hold it until the glue takes.

Install your clips.  I put it on, then wrapped the tail around me to mark out where the clips should go.

Mark out where your cannon/medpack is going to sit, and install the rare earth magnets like you did for your pack.  Make sure to cover in foam to hold in place.

The shoulder pieces are from an AVP template I got off thehunterslair from vinmanmac.  Since it is not my own design, I’m not going to post instructions for it.  Search it in the forum and follow his instructions.  All I did with them, once made, was attach them to the armor using black elastic and hot glue.

And you’re done!  Congrats!  You have an awsome facehugger Predator chest armor!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know!  Until then, keep cosplaying!