Elsa Tutorial: Wig

This is the first wig I have ever styled.  Therefore, there may be easier ways to go about some of the things I did.  But here is my walk through.

As always, make sure you have plenty of reference images.

Get yourself a wig.  I used Majo (long) in Platinum Blonde

You are also going to need:

  • white bobby pins
  • clear elastics
  • backer rods, or some other small round tube foam
  • paint

First, pin bangs.  Then, measure out and cut the backer rod.

Paint the backer rod to match hair color.

Comb front section forward.

Position your backer rod.  Now, starting with small sections, wrap hair around the backer rod.  Continue until all the hair is wrapped.  Secure with elastic.  My pictures for this are with a gray backer rod, because I wanted to make sure you could see what I was doing.  My final product uses the painted backer rod.

Tie blue ribbon around secured end of backer rod.  This will be twisted up into her ‘bun’ later.

Be sure to tuck your loose end in so it’s not sticking out.  Gather hair into a low pony tail.  Twist, including the ribbon.

Twist against back of head in low bun.

Bobby pin like crazy, doing your best to hide all the pins.  This is why white bobby pins are important.  Basically, that’s it.  I recommend wearing it around the house one day before your convention to make sure the style stays put.  Also, some hairspray to tame any fly aways.

Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!