Cable Cosplay: BFG Part 2

Are you ready for part two?? Let’s add those details!

For the top details, I measured across the top width and added 1 inch. I cut out a long strip of foam (5mm I believe) this size, then cut 1/2 inch wide strips from that.

1/2 inch in on each piece, I cut a small groove to help it fold over the gun. Glue using contact cement. I kind of eyeballed where they should go. You can measure to keep it consistent.

I rushed the grenade launcher and I’m not happy with how it turned out. Basically, I used a pool noodle and cut it to size, the found some ribbed tubing that was large enough to go around it. I then glued it to the underside. This is something I will be fixing on my upgrade.

I had an old toy rifle in my cosplay stash. I deconstructed it and used the scope and barrel shroud. I glued these on using e6000. I also glued on a cheap flashlight (I removed the batteries first to decrease weight).

To make the muzzle guard, I measure around the circumference of the dowel rod and cut that out of 5 mm foam (I actually used a left over strip from the ones I cut for the top of the gun). Glue ends together to form a circle. Cut a larger rectangle (size is up to you) out of 2-3 mm foam. Measure out or eyeball your holes. Punch holes.

Glue to circle, and then glue ends together. I actually made 2 of these, one in black and one in orange so I could have the black one for my photos.

Paint time! Coat everything in 2 or more layers of plastidip. I think I did 3. Paint everything black (except orange tip, paint that orange). Using a dry brush technique, age your gun using a dark silver.


And as always, keep cosplaying!