Cable Cosplay- Arm Tutorial Part 2

Are you ready to finish that arm? Let’s do this!

In part one, I showed you how I made the forearm. Now, it’s time for the upper arm.

Much like the forearm, you need to make your pattern. Wrap your upper arm in plastic wrap and duct tape. (no photo of the upper arm cause that’s hard to do)

Draw your pattern. Cut out.

Transfer your pattern to foam. I used 5mm and I think it was a little too thick, but thickness will be a personal preference. Cut out.

Glue together.

Add your details.

Create a harness. I used my mannequin to create it, the fitted it on me.

Put your harness on. Put your arm on. Mark out how they should connect. This will aid in taking your arm off without taking off the whole cosplay.

Add connections. I used velcro.

Plastidip. Paint. Weather.

Wear over a black sleeve and you are finished!

And as always, keep cosplaying!