Addy Carver’s Zwhacker Tutorial

Hello lovelies!  I recently made a Zwhacker from ZNation and got so many requests to do a tutorial!  Which I love!  So, here it is!  First, get yourself a good reference image.

This is one of a few that I used.

What you need:

  • plastic baseball bat
  • EVA foam
  • craft foam
  • paint
  • electrical tape, or whatever your want to wrap around the bottom

First, cut out a rectangular piece of craft foam.  Measure it out around your bat, about an inch from the top.  Cut and glue in place.  I used contact cement.

Next, make rectangles out of your EVA foam.  I measured the thickness of my foam and cut long strips with the width the same as the thickness.  Then, determine how long you want your spikes.  Cut length.  Make 7 spikes.

Using scissors, or a knife, cut all of the corners, coming to a point at one end.  Heat with heat gun and roll on a flat surface until smooth.

Repeat with other spikes.  On your bat, measure and mark the halfway point and draw a line aroung the craft foam.

Measure the line.  Divide measurement by 6.  Mark off the line if increments of your answer (ie, if your line measures 6 cm, you would mark off every 6/6 cm, or every 1 cm).

Attach spikes to marks, and top.  I used contact cement.

 I did the next steps out of order.  You want to place googly eyes where the rivets are (one on each side of spike), then paint the whole thing black using plastic spray paint.  I forgot, so I had to paint my googly eyes, then attach them.

 Paint silver.  Grunge it up.  I use black and brown acrylic paint and a dry brush technique to grunge up my bat.

Add blood detailing (if wanted).  I decided to go all out fresh kill detail.  First, I did a base coat of a dark brownish red.  Load brush and pounce randomly.

On top of that, using the same method, I used bright red.

Wrap handle and you’re done!


Until next time, keep cosplaying!  Any questions, comments, or requests, leave them below!