Mollymauk Boot Covers Tutorial

Staying on theme of the ridiculousness of this cosplay, let’s make some boot covers. You are absolutely welcome to buy boots that are as close as possible, but I like to be extra. And I have terrible feet, so it’s impossible to wear regular boots.

First, you need a good pair of shoes to create your base around. I have shit feet, so I had to buy special ankle boots that are specifically made for people with plantar fasciitis. Yay me. But once you have your base shoe, you can create a pattern. With boots this high (and with no help), I prefer to start at the shoe, then work up the leg in sections. If you have help, you don’t need to do this. But it should help regardless.

First, wrap your shoe and ankle in plastic wrap. Then cover in duct tape.

Next, draw on your lines. I just do a basic cut line for this part.

Repeat process moving up your leg. I did up to the knee, then up to the thigh. Be sure to keep marking. I also find that applying the duct tape vertically instead of horizontally helps minimize wrinkles.

Cut out your pattern. I cut it off across the top, then cut the pattern into medial, lateral, and under heel sections.

Transfer pattern to muslin (or other scrap fabric). This can be a little fiddly, since your leg has curves and we’re trying to make a flat pattern. Just do your best, and err on the side of too big. Be sure to mark your patterns, and add seam allowance. Cut out and sew together, leaving it open at the back.

Try it on over the shoe. Adjust your pattern as needed, marking your adjustments. If necessary, add length or width. You can see in the next photo that I made it too short, so I added a strip of fabric across the top.

Use the fitted pattern piece to create the final patterns. This is where you will add any details that are on the base.

Since I used pleather, it can’t be pressed, therefore I sewed down the seams.

To create Molly’s lace up sides, I left a gap, then created a rectangle of fabric to go under it. I hemmed three of the edges, then sewed it into place so that it would cover any opening left. This was a little wonky, and I had to do it while wearing the boot covers.

Then I punched holes evenly spaced along both sides of the gap and inserted grommets. Lace with suede string.

Of course, after trying these on, I realized they don’t stay up! So, I’m going to have to come up with a solution. I haven’t decided if I’m going to sew them to my pants, or insert magnets into the top, and sew magnets onto my pants. Likely, I’ll sew these to my pants.

Tada! Finished!

If you have specific pattern sewing related questions, please feel free to comment them or message me on IG about them.

Please consider following this blog or my IG in order to keep up to date on new blog posts! And as always, keep cosplaying!

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