Mollymauk Vest

Let’s make Molly’s vest! This vest gives me nightmares. I have discovered I hate quilting. But, it’s finished and beautiful and I feel so accomplished!

So, first, decide on your vest pattern. You’ll likely have to create the collar yourself if you want to have a cannon accurate vest. I found this gorgeous pattern and decided to use it instead, even though it’s not cannon accurate. I just loved it.

Next, make a toile (mock up) to check fit and make sure you’re happy with it. Then sketch out your design. This is for the outer vest.

Use this to create a new pattern for your stripes. I used the Mollymauk official statue for my design choices. Also, because the vest is completely covered in the back, I elected to make the back panel a solid color. Feel free to do what you like best.

Also, you’ll need to create sleeves for this vest. I used a generic sleeve with a style I liked and sewed it together, then cut it across the top of the arm to create the open sleeve that he has. Unfortunately I did a terrible job taking photos of my process so I’m very sorry about that.

Use the sleeve pattern to block out the sleeve sections. Then create your design blocks and sew together.

Sew your outer vest together.

To create the checkered collar, I made a checked pattern by sewing a bunch of colored squares together, then cutting out the lining pattern piece from it. Then I sewed it together and ended up with this.

Add buttons if you so wish. My pattern has them, so I decided to use them

Then, add the ties on your sleeves.

And you’re finished! This tutorial is very basic, but I didn’t want to walk you through the pattern instructions. This tutorial was intended to walk you through how to create the patterns on the vest, sleeve, and collar. If you have specific pattern sewing related questions, please feel free to comment them or message me on IG about them.

Please consider following this blog or my IG in order to keep up to date on new blog posts! And as always, keep cosplaying!

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