Mollymauk Pants

So you’ve decided to cosplay the mess that is Mollymauk Tealeaf, eh? Yeah, me too. This cosplay is a nightmare, but also super rewarding and beautiful. Let’s make some pants. This is not the only way to go about making his pants, it’s simply how I decided to make his pants. Use this as guide to create your own vision.

First, choose a pattern. I actually chose one and ended up not liking it, but thankfully it was baggy enough to use for a different pattern. I was not able to match the pattern at the seams because of this, but oh well. They’re close enough. Anyway, choose a pattern and create a toile (mock up) and make sure it fits. Once happy, seam rip and use the pattern pieces to create your designs. Should look like this. Sizes are arbitrary and will depend on personal preference, as well as your size. If you are fluffy like me, you may elect to make your designs a little bigger. If you’re smol, you’ll likely make them smaller.

You’ll do the same for the striped leg, but that’s a little simpler so I didn’t take a photo of that. Now, use this to create a pattern. You’ll need a large diamond, and a diamond outline. Don’t forget your seam allowance! Now, I tried diamond outline and small diamond, and that didn’t work very well. I think sewing the outline on top of a normal size diamond works better. Or at least is easier.

Don’t forget your seam allowances. I used 1/4″ for seam allowances on these. Also, I use leftover wrapping paper to create my pattern, but you can use wax paper as well. Use this to cut out your diamond pieces. If you look at my pattern layout above, you can see I marked the colors. I used the Mollymauk statue as a reference for this.

Next, create your diamond outlines I did this by placing the diamond outline over the black large diamond and sewing down.

Now sew them together in the pattern indicated on your pant leg. You’ll do this same thing for your stripes.

Don’t forget to do a front and back leg, and to make sure you extend the edges past your pattern so you can cut it out. Also, make sure you are creating your pattern for the correct leg. This probably means making sure to check, double check, and triple check your toile pattern layout piece to make sure you’re doing this properly. I checked so many times.

Now, cut out your pattern and sew together. I ended up using a pattern I created using a pair of jeggings I own, so I can’t share a pattern with you here. Sorry. But any pant pattern you like works fine.

Check fit. Once happy, create a waistband. I used a waistband from a pattern, Cynthia Rowley 8058, to do this. I only had to alter it a little. Again, you can use any waistband you want. Just do a test with muslin/scrap fabric first to check fit.

Now, I have an electronic tail, so I had to make sure to leave an opening at the back for the connection device. So I put it on, marked above and below it with chalk on the waistband, then used these marks as a guide. I sewed the back shut up to the bottom of the device. Then did a 1/4″ hem to the top. I then created a band to button up across the top. I elected to create one fat band. You could do two smaller ones. These can be sewn by you (like I did) or even pre purchased. It’s up to you. Here is what mine ended up looking like.

Now hem the pants and you’re finished! I ended up making mine capri’s since Mollymauk has obnoxiously tall boots, but you can do full pants if you’d like.

I hope this was helpful. If you need further instruction, more details, etc, please leave a comment or message me on IG. Also, please follow this blog, or follow me on IG to keep updated on new blog posts.

Happy cosplaying!

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