Ashton Glass Easy/Quick

I’m really excited this worked!!! This entire project took about 1 hour to put together, and will likely cost about $50ish, depending on the light price.

First, supplies! You need:

  • Headband. I chose black to hide in my hair (the clear actually stood out too much)
  • Motion Projectables Northern Lights nightlight. I got mine at Walmart, but the name link takes you to the amazon site.
  • Something to diffuse the light with (I used leftover organza in my stash.)
  • A circle light. I happened to find brightgrip at Walmart and hopefully you can find something similar. Here are some that are similar: A bit bigger, a selfie light but could work. I don’t know if these will actually work with that nightlight as it’s quite small, but you can probably find something similar search disco grip light.
  • Some foam and hot glue.

First, remove the plastic cover on the nightlight.

Use the plastic piece to cut out a circle of foam. This is your base.

Put your light inside. Mine had a sticky pad so that’s how I attached it. It also spins, so I could leave a small open area near where my hair is to access the on/off switch, and twist it to reach the charging port. Cover with your diffuser. In my case, organza, which I hot glued on.

I then hot glued the plastic piece from the night light over top of that, making sure I could still access the hole I left.

Next, glue the entire thing to your headband. Take your time. Make sure you can access your on/off switch without it showing. Be sure to mark on the headband the location you want before you start gluing.

The light I chose has an app associated with it so I can change the settings and the colors of the light. I personally light white flashing, but it’s your crystal brain thingy so do what moves you!

I really hope this helps you come up with something easy/simply to use if you just want to closet cosplay Ashton (or can’t be bothered with his insane hair). If you use this tutorial, please let me know! I’d love to see your finished product/cosplay!

Be sure to follow this blog to keep up to date on tutorials, or follow me on IG where I post whenever a new one is published. If you have any questions, leave a comment, or send me a message on IG. Happy cosplaying!

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