Keyleth Belt

Next up on my Keyleth tutorial series is her belt.

I made the belt just like I made the bracers, so this tutorial will be very similar to that, but I’m writing it just in case anyone needs to see the visuals.

First, wrap yourself or your dress form (set to your measurements) in plastic wrap and duct tape.

Draw your design, cut out, transfer to paper. No need to add seam allowance, in fact you may need to subtract a little depending on how much lace up you want in the back. Don’t forget to label your pieces and add notches to match them up.

Transfer to foam. Cut out, being sure to angle your cuts inwards (vertical, except the very end) to create a curved belt. Create wood grain cuts. Glue together with contact cement. Heat foam to seal and open cut lines.

Add details. My photos are a little out of order here because I tried something different and it didn’t work. But you’ll want to add all your foam detailing before you prime. I used foam clay to create vines and leaves. I used fondant molds for the leaves. Use water to help form and smooth the foam clay.

Paint. For the bark I painted a medium dark for the whole thing as a base coat. Then I did shading in a dark brown. Then highlights in a lighter brown.

For the leaves I used a similar technique, only with green. The entire leaf in medium green, the inner section in darker green, then highlighted the outer portion in lighter green.

I also added fake flowers and dried moss.

For attachments, I used d rings and webbing. Cut for equal lengths of webbing.

Use a lighter to seal the edges. Attach to foam with contact cement, fold over d ring, and attach to foam again.

And you have a belt! Hope this helped! If you use this tutorial, please let me know! Have any questions? Leave a comment it dm me on Instagram. And please follow me on Instagram for constant updates!

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