Magnetic Antlers Tutorial

Does your Cosplay need some antlers? Let’s make some magnetic ones that snap right to your wig! These are super light weight and small. If you want to make them bigger, you need to use a different attachment, either a headband, or even a screw with a headband underneath the wig.

I made these twice, and the first way was much easier, although a little more time consuming. Ultimately, it’s the way that produced the better set of antlers, so it’s the set I’m making this tutorial for.

First, create your basic shape out of pipe cleaners. You could probably omit this step, but it helped me keep the shape. Then, cover that in foil. Make sure this shape is smaller than what your final antlers are going to be as the following steps are going to bulk them up. Be sure to include a rare earth magnet in the bottom. I hot glued it to the bottom.

Next, cover foil in foam clay. I find this difficult to work with, but later discovered that you can use water to help smooth it out. This information definitely would have helped at this step.

Sand smooth.

Prime. I used gesso because it’s what I had on hand. Base coat in your lightest color. Antlers come in a variety of color schemes, so this is entirely up to you. I went with a beige.

Add shading on the areas that would be away from the sun.

Add details, if you would like.

Create a fabric pouch for your magnet.

Triple check that you have the correct side facing your antlers, then sew into your wig on underside. Repeat for other side.

You now have magnetic antlers!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions, shoot me a DM on Instagram, and consider following me on Instagram for constant progress on my cosplays and updates on when new blogs are posted.

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