May Review/June Goals

This blog is wayyyyy late, but things are happening in the world right now and this blog post is so insignificant. But I’m writing it now, so let’s dive right in.

May: it started so good. I got my drive back, really focused on what I wanted to accomplish, and got to it. I got my diet back on track, planned my social media posts in a more thoughtful way, and found a new direction to pursue to help fill some content gaps. Things were looking up.

But then, our criminal justice system had to show, yet again, how broken it is with the death of George Floyd. I’m white, so I’ve had the privilege to forget about racism and escape into cosplay since I started in 2013. And that makes me a terrible ally. I don’t know why this particular death, and the protests that followed, has opened my eyes to how lazy I’ve been as an ally, but it has. I’ve done the absolute bare minimum up until now, and that’s not okay. So the end of May, beginning of June have been a little rough for me, coming to terms with that. That is simply a statement of fact, I don’t want pity, this isn’t about me.

So for June, there are no cosplay goals. My goals are about becoming a better ally. Listening to Black voices about how I can do better. Lifting up Black cosplayers, and sharing their incredible talent with my small platform. And educating myself so when I see problematic comments, I’m able to respond to them, and I’m not afraid of saying the wrong thing. My goal is to become a better ally.

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