April Review/May Goals

Honestly, April didn’t go well for me. I failed all of my goals. For me personally, I think having goals right now is just too stressful. So I think for May, I’m going to remove the goals. I still have things I want to accomplish, and I’m going to work towards them. And I’ll definitely track that. But without specific goals I need to reach in order to feel fulfilled.

April was a very bad month for me. Stress ate at me, lack of motivation, and just overall depressed. But at the very end of the month, I started to feel better. I’m still very stressed out about this whole situation. Especially concerning my job. But I actually feel motivated! I’ve accomplished so much in the last week! So I’m riding this motivation for as long as it lasts.

I’m also using this motivation, which is generally cosplay directed, to work on other things, such as marketing and health. And it’s working so far. I had a really good marketing week last week. And a decent health week. My diet is definitely better, and I started some light exercise.

Hopefully this sticks and I can get back onto a routine, and back to my goals. I don’t think I’ll reach my year goals I made in January, but I think that’s okay. There’s a pandemics! I can cut myself some slack.

Anyone else struggling with goals? How are you coping?

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