Things to do During Social Distancing

Photo by MIG Photography World

Social distancing got you feeling like you’re living on Jakku? Here are some fun things to make your days a little less boring!

•Read a new book, or twenty! Most libraries have an e-book catalogue. All you need is your library card. Visit your library website to download the app!

•Take a virtual museum tour. There are a few museums that have made virtual tours available. https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours

•Learn something new! https://archive.org/ has a large collection of free books, music, audiobooks, and more!

•Get lost in horror land with a 30 day Shudder trail using code ‘SHUTIN’ (I have not verified this)

•Take a virtual field trip! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SvIdgTx9djKO6SjyvPDsoGlkgE3iExmi3qh2KRRku_w/preview?fbclid=IwAR36eVP0536CaUalrhb8L2d7_2aX30bC2u0xmYW_9Nc5Oygw6JoOaj-8Ajk&pru=AAABcQPux_M*nIIT_ZSVf1CHpwOV0WMj8A

•Watch Netflix with your friends with Netflix’s new party feature! No need to be together, to be together 😋

•Get caught up on your favorite podcast

•Finish that cosplay!

•Support an independent artist on Spotify or YouTube by listening to their channel

Do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear what you’re doing while social distancing! Drop your suggestions in the comments!

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