Village Belle Wig

Let’s style a wig! Full disclosure: I’m a complete newb to wig styling. I barely know what I’m doing. But it seems to be working, so here’s what I did.

First, separate the hair along the front. You’ll need this later. This is a relatively this layer, but not too thin.

Next, back comb for your bang poof. It’ll look messy… That’s okay at this point.

Now, shape that mess into her bangs. It’s still messy, but an organized mess.

Now you’ll use that hair you set aside and cover the back combed mess. I started at the top and pulled small sections of the bump and bobby pinned in place. Continue until the entire bang is covered. Then secure the entire thing with a clear hair tie.

Get it as neat as possible and repeat on other side.

Use hair to cover the elastic, and pull hair up into a low ponytail. Secure with larger clear elastic. Cover with large blue bow.

And finish with a light spray of got2be hairspray.

Now you have a Belle wig!

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