Village Belle: Bow

Let’s make Belle’s big blue bow! I’ve never made a bow before, but it didn’t seem too difficult. This is how I made it.

You’ll need to cut 2 large rectangles of the blue fabric the size you want of the fabric, and a 1 smaller skinny piece for the ‘knot’. You’ll also need a stabilizer of some kind. My fabric was very flimsy so I used some think purse stabilizer I had in my stash. If you have thicker fabric, you may be able to use interfacing. The size of your bow is personal preference. Unfortunately I don’t remember how big I made mine. This picture shows the wrong size skinny rectangle… That one didn’t work, and I had to remake it. See below.

First your stabilizer. With right sides together, sew your large rectangles together, leaving a small opening to turn right side out. I also serged my edges to prevent fraying.

Turn right side out. Picture below is the correct size of the small rectangle.

Sew along long side of small rectangle. Turn.

Press. Slip stitch large rectangle opening shut.

Pinch center of large rectangle to create bow. Tie with thread to hold.

Wrap smaller piece around pinched area and clip, then hand sew closed.

And you’re finished!

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