2020 Goals

I created this secondary blog with very vague ideas about what I wanted to do with it. I just knew I wanted to write more than tutorials. And I finally came up with an idea… I’ll track my 2020 goals here! It’s a great way to help me not only look at my thoughts, but also help keep me accountable.

I want to start by outlining my 2020 goals in very broad terms. Now, these are subject to modification if I think it’s necessary, and I have monthly goals that correlate to most of these.

1) Make one incredible cosplay this year. Something that I’m super proud of. This should be easy, because I’ve accomplished this every year that I’ve cosplayed. But as I’ve gotten better, it’s definitely gotten harder.

2) Get to 2000+ on Instagram. This one will be tough. I’ve had a difficult time growing, but I’m doing a lot of research and I’m really hoping to at least make a significant dent in this goal.

3) Get a better understanding of Twitter. There’s really no way to track this one. I’m simply trying to use Twitter more, and read up on it when I have time.

4) Get better at sewing. I think when I first got into cosplay I tried to be good at everything instead of just embracing what I really loved… Sewing. Not anymore. I’m really focusing on honing my skills from now on and getting really good at sewing.

5) Sew for me, not just cosplay. I get so caught up in creating content, I forget about myself. So I want to make sure I do some stuff for me this year. I already have a few projects I want to tackle!

6) Get healthier, but also get more body confidence. I’ve gained a lot of weight in recent years, and I’m not happy about who I am. So I want to focus on getting healthy, reducing that weight to something manageable, and being happy with myself.

7) Put myself out there more at conventions. I’m shy… Like, super shy. And I’m face blind, so I get really nervous about approaching people because I’m unsure if it’s the right person or not. So this year I really want to overcome some of these obstacles and make some friends and acquaintance’s.

8) Read one book per month. I used to read soooooo much when I was younger and I almost never read anymore. I think I read 6 books last year. So sad. I want that to change, so I’m going to actively remind myself to read more this year.

What are your goals for this year? I’d love to hear them! Maybe we can do this together!