Village Belle Tutorial

Blouse Tutorial

I couldn’t find a perfect pattern for Belle’s blouse, but I did find McCall’s 6750. It’s shape was similar enough, and all I needed to fix was the collar.  I used view C.

First, create a toile, or mockup, of your pattern. I didn’t have this pattern in my size, so I used 1/2″ seam allowances and omitted the darts from the middle of the middle of the pattern pieces (keeping the dart at the armscye and the shoulders). I also chose to make the top long sleeves. After making any fitting adjustments, you are ready to adjust the collar shape.

There are a few ways to do this, so this is simply the way I chose to do it. Put the garment, right side out, onto your mannequin.

Next, sketch the new shape onto your collar.

Turn inside out and trace. Sew and trim.

This is your new pattern piece. Make sure you trim at your seam allowance. Once turned right side out, it will look like this:

Once satisfied, you are ready to make this blouse with your actual fabric. Follow the directions as given, only substituting your new collar pieces. The sleeve cuffs were a little tricky, but if you treat them like a bias tape you should be okay.

Feel free to comment or shoot me an email or message on IG if you have any questions.  Good luck, and if you use my tutorial, please show me your finished cosplay!

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